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Furnaces can be wood, oil, wood oil electric, and pellet

Wood Furnace

The Cadillac of furnaces!

The Caddy furnace comes with the same dimensions and basic features as its cousin, the PSG 3000. But its highly advanced combustion technology sets it apart from all others. The Caddy is specifically designed to meet the highest combustion standards in North America today, those of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

As such, it is one of the cleanest and most efficient furnaces ever produced by PSG, with savings in heating wood of up to 30% and reductions in particles emissions reaching 90%. One look at the fire through the glass door of the Caddy and you'll see why!

Oil Furnace

The KERR PARADIGM condensing oil-fired warm air furnace represents a shift forward in oil heating technology. Hyper Efficient. Maximized Savings. Greenhouse Gas Friendly. Remarkably Comfortable. HYPER EFFICIENT™ The Paradigm’s condensing technology delivers a leap forward in efficiency. Capable of steady state efficiencies up to 97%, the Paradigm is significantly more efficient than most Energy Star qualified oil-fired furnaces. Higher efficiency means reduced fuel consumption and that means lower fuel bills for you, year after year. MAXIMIZED SAVINGS In addition to improved efficiencies the Paradigm yields big electrical savings. Part of the KERR MAX series of furnaces, the Paradigm is equipped with an electronically commutating motor (ECM) which substantially reduces furnace fan electricity usage. These savings multiply if you use your furnace as part of an air conditioning or air circulation system. GREENHOUSE GAS FRIENDLY! REMARKABLY COMFORTABLE!

Pellet Furnace

The Caddy Alterna is a 120,000 BTU warm-air pellet furnace. With its 240-pound hopper capacity and its efficiency topping the 81% mark, it is the perfect heating device for the coldest North American winters. Its state-of-the-art LCD control panel lets you configure the furnace rapidly and easily. The bottom-feed burner system has been tested with four different types of pellets: standard wood pellets, 100% bark pellets, sawdust/hay mix pellets, and switch grass pellets. This flexibility in fuel selection will allow you to keep more money in your pocket an avoid potential fuel shortages. But versatility does not end there. The Caddy Alterna can accept an optional electric element that can be installed on either side of the furnace. What's more, the maximum BTU on the Caddy Alterna may be adjusted by the homeowner or installer.

Combo Furnace

The Max Caddy is the first furnace in the world which can be installed as a wood-oil-electric trio. It is an extra large, ingenious, clean-burning wood furnace. As opposed to all conventional wood furnaces, the Max Caddy uses a PC board that allows the user to connect all four blower speeds. In other words, it is an intelligent furnace. With the logic built into our PC board, the furnace automatically selects the most appropriate blower speed in order to maintain the furnace's plenum temperature at its best efficiency point. This allows the homeowner to obtain heat even at the tail end of the combustion cycle because the furnace has the flexibility to run with the lowest blower speed available. This would simply not be possible with a conventional wood furnace because it must be configured to operate with one single blower speed. That speed is normally too powerful for low burn cycles because it cools off the unit's firebox too much. This exclusive Max Caddy feature not only results in better comfort, but it also extends the unit's cycling intervals, leading to substantial fuel economies.

Empyre High Efficiency Indoor/Outdoor Furnaces

The Empyre Elite indoor wood furnace is a self contained unit that operates in a clean, efficient manner to provide an alternative source of heating for an entire home. Relying on wood, water and a unique design to provide heat, an Empyre Elite indoor wood furnace can easily be hooked up to a home’s existing radiant in-floor heating system or duct work with a water to water or water to air heat exchanger. This means the delivery method for heat will be no different than with an electric, oil or natural gas heating system. What’s more, Empyre Elite is a hybrid indoor wood furnace; it can provide the convenience of an electric backup unit while keeping you independent of fluctuating world markets or the electrical grid. At Pro-Fab Industries, we specialize in designing and producing state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology in our indoor and outdoor wood furnace models. Our Empyre Elite indoor wood gasifier line is designed to provide a clean, low emission alternative to fossil fuel heating. Our furnaces are easy to operate and even easier to maintain as a result of their clean burning technology and superior design. We have been in business since the 1980’s and are proud to say our Empyre line of outdoor and indoor wood furnace models are used by home and business owners all over North America and beyond. When you make the switch to an Empyre Elite indoor wood furnace, you will enjoy a number of advantages that others cannot boast. This type of heating is reliable and, perhaps more importantly, sustainable.